What Happened To Everyone Who Used Cerebro?

Cerebro is Professor X's toy, but who else has had the chance to play with it?

Marvel Comics

Cerebro is one of the most powerful computers in the Marvel Universe, but not just anyone can use it. The device was originally designed by Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto, but - over the years - it has gone through some significant modifications and redesigns.

At one point, it became a sentient character who went out on missions with the team, while in other versions, it was simply a desktop computer Xavier could use to track down Mutants. The exact way in which it works has never been fully explained, but its use has been a central plot point of comics, video games, movies, and television shows.

Pretty much anyone with a passing familiarity of Cerebro knows it is used most often by Professor X himself, but he's not the only person to strap on the silver helmet. Excluding him as an obvious choice (and Deadpool from the time he busted the prop), there are several powerful Mutants who have taken their chances using Cerebro.

This begs the following questions, what happened to them, how were they able to use Cerebro, and what impact did they have from using it? These 10 mutants are the only ones known to take the silver helmet, put it on their heads, and get something done with Cerebro... other than Professor X.


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