Wolverine & The X-Men #27AU Review (Age of Ultron Tie-In)

If you’re a fan of the Jason Aaron/Wolverine & the X-Men series like me, prepare to be disappointed with this…

Noel Thorne



If you’re a fan of the Jason Aaron/Wolverine & the X-Men series like me, prepare to be disappointed with this issue as it has nothing whatsoever to do with it. It has Wolverine in it but no other X-Men, just Sue Richards, and it’s written by Matt Kindt.

This is one of the weirder tie-ins to the Event in that I’m not quite sure what the point of it was. With other tie-ins like the Black Widow one, it explained how she came to be deformed, which the main series had avoided mentioning. With the Fantastic Four tie in, we found out what happened to the rest of the Four. There was a point to these tie-ins.

With this one, you need to have read Age of Ultron #6 to understand what Logan and Sue are doing in Fury’s flying car in the past. But if you’ve read that issue, you’ll want to know what happens next after the massive event at the end of that comic – what you don’t really want to read is what happened in between Logan and Sue leaving the Savage Land and landing in New York City. Why not? Because there’s no question in Age of Ultron #6 that anything was missed out on in that trip that you needed to be filled in on. And whaddayaknow? There really wasn’t but this comic is going to tell you what happened on the road anyway.

The flying car breaks down so the two get out and look for a hidden SHIELD bunker in search of a replacement energy cell so they can be back on their way. Inside the bunker, they go their separate ways with Sue winding up in a room full of monitors showing Marvel’s superheroes being observed by SHIELD. This is done by putting Jack Kirby’s art on the screens and Sue spends the rest of the issue watching her old self interact with Reed. It’s a nice touch to have the Kirby art (though it shows up Paco Medina’s unmemorable style – super-curvy Sue!) but otherwise Sue’s “story” is a dead-end. She watches the screens, we hear her inner monologue that’s basically an echo of the stuff in Age of Ultron #6, and that’s it.

Logan on the other hand re-enacts the ending sequence from last summer’s Prometheus. I don’t know what the point of that was – maybe we needed to see Logan give himself a caesarean? Is that something the character’s never done? – but, like the rest of this tie-in, it feels pointless and is.

Wolverine & the X-Men is truly one of the best Marvel titles being published at the moment but this comic does nothing to live up to that series. It’s a very poor tie-in to the Age of Ultron Event and is definitely the most missable of all the comics published so far in this series. Check out Jason Aaron’s Wolverine & the X-Men instead which is a far, far better comic than this low quality rubbish.

Wolverine & the X-Men #27AU by Matt Kindt and Paco Medina is out now at your local comics shop and online at Comixology and Marvel Unlimited