10 2017 Movies That Could Score 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

At least one Batman movie this year should have a fresh rating.


Rotten Tomatoes is the great equaliser when it comes to movie ratings. It doesn’t matter who stars in it, how big the budget is or how shiny the effects are, if it sucks then the RT score will reflect that. Of course, no system is perfect, which explains how Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull can have a 77% fresh rating, while poor Event Horizon only has 24%.

While filmmakers don’t make movies to chase approval from critics – or at least they shouldn’t – it must be satisfying when they see their movie gather a flawless rotten tomato score. Getting 100% is a tall order for even the best directors, but it doesn’t hurt to have it on the CV either.

There are a number of highly anticipated releases arriving in 2017, and a few of them could well reach that elusive high-ranking. From major studio movies to exciting low budget indies, there’s a little something for everyone.

10. The Lego Batman Movie

Warner Bros.

People love two things in life; Batman and Lego. It’s only natural to combine the two for a feature-length adventure, but what should be a hideous corporate crossover is instead one of the most anticipated comedies of 2017.

That’s down to The Lego Movie, which instead of being an extended toy ad was a delightful, inventive comedy crammed to bursting with great gags; it earned 96% for a reason. Will Arnett’s douchebag Batman was one of the film’s many highlights, so it made sense for him to get his own spin-off. The Lego Batman Movie also has a great supporting cast, including Michael Cera playing Robin, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred and – best of all – Billy Dee Williams correcting history by playing Harvey Dent / Two-Face.

The trailers are funnier than most live action comedies manage their entire runtime, and if they recapture the magic of the first movie it could be best Batman movie of 2017.


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