10 Absurd Movie Deaths That A Normal Person Could Have Avoided

When Nature calls, sometimes it’s best just to ignore it.

Stuart W. Bedford



People die in movies all the time. After all, what’s the most dramatic outcome of any action; the action takers death of course. We all understand death; we can all empathise with a character’s horror at the discovery of a body, their anguish at the loss of a loved one. That’s why even the tamest of movies often deal with death (case in point: Bambi), because as a dramatic device, death sits at the top of the pile.

I’ve loved movies for as long as I can remember and by now, I must have seen thousands of characters shuffle off this mortal coil. Most of the time characters die for something. I can accept that I’d have died in the same situation and the resulting resonance causes a connection to the deceased, or drives home the severity of a situation.  But then every now and again, you’ll witness a movie death that makes you say “Hold on… that was a bit f***ing stupid”.

This piece is dedicated to those moments; those moments where, if we were caught in the same life threatening situation as the character, without being burdened by movie character stupidity, we’d have quite probably (sometimes definitely) survived.