Wayne Wolverine

Comic book movies are all the rage right now, raking in huge amounts of cash and raising actors like Robert Downey Jr. to the pinnacle of stardom. Unfortunately, since they’ve only been huge for about 15 years or so, many of the greatest screen actors never had a chance to play one of the larger than life heroes or heroines. So to compensate, I’ve re-casted , or in some cases cast for the first time, some of the most popular superheroes with actors from the glory years of Hollywood filmmaking, an era when the movie star was king.

The stars were chosen based on their inherent acting abilities, charisma, and how well they fit in that particular role. While action films have come a long way since these actors were either alive or in their primes, we are going to ignore that these actors never acted in anything as remotely CGI and action driven as most superhero movies. Instead, this list pretends that we’re casting a brand new incarnation of each character, with the freedom to choose any actor from classic Hollywood at the peak of their careers, and try to match the best actor possible for each role. The entries are loosely ranked according to how excited I would be if somehow, someone invented a time machine and announced that they would make each one of these movies.

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This article was first posted on August 19, 2013