10 Actors Who Admit To Bombing Big Auditions

Sometimes movie stars suck too.

Buena Vista Pictures

It’s always fun to hear about actors who were almost cast in big roles - like Sean Connery turning down Lord of the Rings because he didn’t understand it - but sometimes there's a more straight forward, probably devastating reason. Because sometimes, actors miss out not because of scheduling conflicts or a lack of interest, but rather because they just aren’t good enough.

Most actors will tell you that the audition process is a pretty horrible experience. They're nerve-wracking, awkward and can bring down the self-confidence of even the most charismatic movie stars. And movie stars are people too. Some days they win awards and make millions of dollars. Some days they have terribly embarrassing auditions that haunt them forever. 

This list includes some of today’s biggest stars, Oscar winners and, yes, some actors of questionable talent, but they all have audition horror stories brutal enough to make us actually feel sorry for them. 

Bad accents, forgotten lines and even some song and dance - all these factors contributed to these painful experiences. So get ready to sympathize with some beautiful rich people as we look at the actor’s terrible auditions for big movies.


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