10 Actors Who Could Play Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Movie

These guys would be most comfortable in uncharted territory...

Naughty Dog

After years and years of directors coming aboard and quickly departing, it finally looks like things are moving full-steam ahead on the Uncharted movie.

With Stranger Things, Real Steel and Cheaper By The Dozen (yelp) helmer Shawn Levy attached to direct and The Grey, The A-Team and Smokin' Aces writer Joe Carnahan currently penning the script, the project is as close to reality as its ever been before.

In fact, Carnahan recently mentioned to Collider that he and Levy have been openly discussing actors for the role of Nathan Drake, and with the two actively working on the movie (and with Sony surely wanting to get it made while Uncharted is still popular), it's not unrealistic to expect an announcement sometime within the next six months. But who should it be?

The actor in question will need to put up with an insane amount of fan pressure, be the central lead in a popular franchise and help Uncharted overcome that video-game adaptation stigma - i.e., most of them suck - as well as making the movie an enjoyable, brisk, action-adventure romp. No sweat!

Here are ten actors who could play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie...


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