10 Actors Who Need Quentin Tarantino To Save Their Careers

  The red carpet, projectionist, movie addicts and the world of art owe a fair deal to the Tennessee born…

Danny J. DPurb


 10 Actors who need Tarantino

The red carpet, projectionist, movie addicts and the world of art owe a fair deal to the Tennessee born director, producer, screenwriter and actor, Quentin Jerome Tarantino. Time itself could well certify the artist’s unique presence in the movie industry and – not to mention – his influence and controversial delivery, along with logic-defying plots and – as the cherry on top – his ingenious and meticulously chosen casts – have marked the childhood and lives of more than one worldwide.

The 49-year old director is known as a master blender and story teller with a very distinct style – aestheticizing gore, violence, sex and drugs. Tarantino’s uniqueness has been writing cinema history in his self-iconizing palmarès since the late 80s. The director’s particular attention to details led to a series of titles packed with witty dialogues and a number of A-list names from the acting world.

The protagonists and characters of Tarantino aren’t simply unique, but are also packed with pride and intellectual eccentricity – making the task of bringing them to life from written words an ambition only achievable with extremely versatile artists. Tarantino’s endeavours lead to the some of the finest performers in the business being called upon and a series of cult titles such as Reservoir Dogs (1992) (which appeared at the Sundance Film Festival by the then first-time writer-director) and the Palme D’or winning title, Pulp Fiction (1994) being forged in the halls of pop culture.

Depending on whose shoes you’re in, the “Tarantino effect” has shown to yield unpredictable results. For the likes of Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Uma Thurman, Michael Bowen and the iconic Samuel L. Jackson, the road has been full of unforgettable moments – with their services being enlisted throughout time. Others less frequently called (John Travolta) were still blessed with the director’s touch. The Saturday Night Fever legend’s career was arguably saved after his award-winning performance in Pulp Fiction (1994).

A few generations after cementing his name among the greats, QT continues his glorious adventure throughout the jungles of film-making with his latest title, Django Unchained bound to cause a lot of controversy with its alleged exaggeration on the grotesque – both morally and graphically – and on the use of the word ‘Nigg**’(Classic Tarantino. Ask Spike Lee!). However, it comes as no surprise for fans and haters of Tarantino alike, as with most of his movies – whether critics treat it as the last Cuban cigar on Earth or pigeon droppings on a white Lamborghini – it usually reaches the cult status sooner or later. That is the magic the writer-director casts.

In Django Unchained (2013), QT called upon Jamie Foxx and – the “cornerstone” of every traditional Tarantino recipe – Samuel L. Jackson. Having had some of his dialogues custom written, the actor seems to be in his natural element when shooting with the director. And, as the Tarantino tradition has so far unfolded, the desire to see more top actors interacting theatrically through some of the wittiest lines in cinema has left us at WhatCulture wondering what collaborations could possibly compliment the finesse and rawness of Quentin’s universe.

Below, our 10 carefully selected “characters with character” we believe could provide some serious entertainment, while adding some history and gloss to their CVs with Tarantino as reference.

(Few factors we’ve considered are screen presence, psychotic acting abilities, unpredictability and the ‘weirdo’ factor.)

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