10 Actors Who Need Quentin Tarantino To Save Their Careers

10. Giovanni Ribisi

10 ribisi

Ribisi most probably made his introduction to the public on Friends as Frank Jr., Phoebe€™s brother, and more recently as Ralph in My Name is Earl - which led to his nomination for an Emmy in 2007. However the strong reason for his name appearing on the T-list comes from some of his masterpieces in weirdo personification, his darker take on insanity and his on-screen mood swings €“ Moburg? You€™re probably thinking €œwhat?€. Well, Moburg is the religious correspondent for the San Juan Star in Bruce Robinson€™s The Rum Diary (2011) €“ based on the novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson €“ where Ribisi was castedalongside Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart and Amber Heard.

Being based on Hunter S. Thompson€™s novel, it was hardly surprising to find out that the whole plot revolved around a €˜wacky€™ storyline (as most of his €˜legendary€™ articles do) but also €“ from start to finish €“ around heavy drinkers and psychotic thinkers. That€™s where Ribisi blew the scene as Moburg, a Nazi record-loving, high-proof alcohol drinking and Lotterman-hating (the editor in chief) character. Moburg is overwhelming, hygienically inappropriate (not to mention sweaty with the degrees in San Juan) and overly loud. He is anything you€™d wish for when your level of patience is on the low. The 38-year old Ribisi however delivered in style, portraying the character formidably with his flawless acting. 2012 saw him re-appear, this time as the eerie weirdo, Donny, in Seth MacFarlane€™s Ted. Donny (Ribisi) and his overweight son, Robert (Aedin Mincks) kidnap Ted to their house. We are then treated to the €˜the living room dancing scene€™, in what could well be the creepiest dance moves in modern cinema history - a middle-aged Ribisi in tight jeans, skin greased out, moving and twisting his waist to Tiffany€™s I Think We€™re Alone Now (1987). The rest? I€™ll leave to your imagination. But Ribisi in a Tarantino movie is one prospect many fans might just remember forever €“ should it happen. With QT€™s €œunique€ dialogues and a custom written piece for Ribisi? (Speechless) Give Moburg his shotgun I say!

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