10 Actors Who Need To Go Away For A While

9. Mark Wahlberg

Transformers The Last Knight Mark Wahlberg

It's comical at this point how often Mark Wahlberg is cast in the everyman protagonist role despite, well, clearly not being an everyman-type actor at all. And if he's not playing the Average Joe, he's usually a cop or a soldier, and it's just dreadfully boring by this point.

Though Marky Mark has a string of critical successes to his name, in recent years he's delved into full-on cynical actor mode, appearing in naff comedy sequels like Ted 2 and Daddy's Home 2, a couple of Transformers movies, and his recent action dud Mile 22.

He's not a bad actor by any means, but over-saturation is definitely an issue here. When you see Wahlberg in the trailer for a movie, you generally know exactly what kind of performance and what kind of movie you're gonna get.

Wahlberg's already busy prepping his next film with frequent collaborator Peter Berg, the Netflix thriller Wonderland, so don't expect a change of the status quo anytime soon.


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