10 Actors Who Publicly Hated Their Own Films

Not even Mark Wahlberg can tolerate The Happening.

"Look, I'll be honest. I f***ing hate that movie". The words of a disgruntled critic, perhaps? Or of an audience member who really, really wished they'd paid to see something else? Nope, those would be the words of Channing Tatum, talking about GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, a film which he himself starred in. Talking to shock-jock Howard Stern on his radio show yesterday, Tatum didn't hold back about the Stephen Sommers-directed blockbuster, revealing he was just about as enamoured with The Rise Of Cobra as the rest of the world was when it was unleashed in 2009. Tatum's candid comments are shocking, for sure - movie stars tend to talk up their own movies whether they really like them or not, owing to their contracted promotional obligations and general desire not to piss off the Hollywood powers-that-be. But a star admitting they "hate" their own movie in front of the whole world isn't unprecedented, just rare. When the stars do finally come clean - not just in private, but in a public forum - they tend to hold nothing back, revealing feelings most cinema-goers already suspected they had but likely never expected to hear from the horse's mouth. Here are ten times actors publicly owned up to hating their own films.

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