10 Actors You Totally Forgot Were In Harry Potter Movies

Riddikulus forgotten talent!

Harry Potter Actors
Warner Bros.

At some point, it's inevitable that someone at Warner Bros will decide that they need to remake the Harry Potter movies for a new generation of fans who would probably still love the originals anyway. That will open up the doors for a whole new army of actors to convince their agents to get them an audition for rules that could set them up for lives.

And while those actors will no doubt set their sights on the top of the bill, there are so many characters in the Harry Potter universe that it would take hundreds of new faces to fill the entire roster. That was certainly the case with the original movies, which were so packed with great actors that watching back now reveals huge talents in tiny supporting roles or hidden entirely from view.

Alongside the names we will always remember as playing JK Rowling's most famous characters, the franchise had Oscar winners, Olivier Awards Winners, now-famous actors just starting out and three famous faces from Westeros. And they deserve just as much attention as the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman.

So which inhabitants of the Wizarding World might you have forgotten about?

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