10 Awesome Zombie Movies You’ve Never Seen (But Definitely Should)

9. Dance Of The Dead (2008)


Dance Of The Dead is a much more simple film. It€™s more of a typical zombies assaulting the town scenario, but there€™s a certain lightheartedness to it, which would come as a relief after watching Deadgirl and helps separate it from many other more typically grim zombie films. It combines zombie horror and teen comedy in a really fun, youthful way. Even the zombies have this slightly exaggerated, almost cartoonish look to them which enhances the mood. The film also has some fairly sympathetic characters throughout, but the highlight is definitely a garage band full of stoners who prove surprisingly useful in surviving the night via the power of rock and roll. It€™s a hilarious concept, and one that I wouldn€™t mind seeing borrowed. While perhaps light on genuine scares, Dance of the Dead is a fun diversion that manages to stand out despite its more generic plot.

Evan Tavares is a film student that enjoys cooking, television and gory foreign horror films, at least according to his Netflix recommendations.