10 Awesome Zombie Movies You’ve Never Seen (But Definitely Should)


At this point in time, zombies have cemented themselves as a main stay amongst the litany of horror sub-genres which can be found spread across multiple mediums. With Brad Pitt starring in and producing a zombie film, The Walking Dead being the top rated scripted show of the last television season, and a legitimate horde of zombie themed games being released over the past year or two, there€™s seemingly no end to this invasion of zombie fiction. Due to the mass presence of zombie-themed media these days, it can be hard to sift through the bad in order to find the good. Cliches and stereotypes run rampant through zombie films, which too easily lend themselves to archetypical end of the world scenarios, so I'm here to help guide you. Behold, my own list of ten awesome zombie films that you just have to see. But, just in case you€™re a bit tired of your run of the mill zombie apocalypse film, I€™ve dug up some more nontraditional titles as well. There may be some light spoilers for the films listed, but nothing too serious, so consider yourself warned. Go turn on Netflix, hit the lights and dust off your copy of The Zombie Survival Guide, we€™re jumping right in:

10. Deadgirl (2008)


Oh, Deadgirl, what an interesting experience you are. One of the more nontraditional zombie flicks on our list, Deadgirl is about a couple of marginalized teenage boys who uncover a female zombie, tied up on a gurney deep within the bowels of an abandoned building. These boys decide that, hey, for a dead chick, you could worse, and so they take it upon themselves to get a little rapey. Everything that follows is quite grim, and the movie€™s pessimistic nature has earned it some criticism. I find though, that horror films can be quite effective when they work to make the viewer feel bad, and Deadgirl does just that. It€™s a grimy flick, probing into the darker recesses of human capability. What sort of nasty things would you do if you know you wouldn€™t get caught? There€™s also an unknown element to the plot as the dead girl€™s origin is never explained and it adds to the films overall creepiness factor. Not your traditional end of the world scenario type zombie film, and definitely not for the faint of heart, so if you€™re in the mood for something just a little bit different, give Deadgirl a watch.

Evan Tavares is a film student that enjoys cooking, television and gory foreign horror films, at least according to his Netflix recommendations.