10 Awful Teen Comedies That Are Actually Hilarious

These movies are hilarious for all the wrong reasons....

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The coming of age teen drama/comedy is a very difficult genre to perfect. When they're good, they're amazing. Recently films like Eighth Grade, The Edge of Seventeen and Booksmart have been carrying the torch for touching, witty and engaging teen comedies in the vein of old John Hughes classics.

On the flip side, when they fall flat... they fall HARD.

It's hard to even begin to count how many soulless, unfunny teen sex comedies that were coming out consistently in the early and mid 2000s. Thankfully that's a trend that seems to be slowly dying out. Nonetheless there are still some that are seemingly made with the intention to bore you completely to death. Prime example being the Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore movie The Art of Getting By, arguably one of the most insufferable portrayals of teenage angst and privilege ever put to film.

Then we have the grey area in between. You're not quite sure whether to laugh or cringe inexplicably. Some of these films are so campy and over the top that they make you laugh. Some are written so terribly that you can do nothing but burst out laughing. And some are just downright surreal to the point that you are rendered speechless. Nonetheless, it's almost impossible to not laugh at or be confused by these next ten movies.

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