10 Awful Teen Comedies That Are Actually Hilarious

10. F The Prom

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F The Prom is an utterly baffling film. It revolves around two childhood friends named Maddy and Cole who become distant from one another once they reach high school. Maddy becomes one of the cool, hip girls whilst Cole is relegated to being a stereotypical nerdy outcast.

The catalyst for his social exclusion? He was pantsed in front of the entire school the minute he stepped through the door on his first day. For some reason Cole is so fascinating to every student at this school that they cannot control their urge to relentlessly bully him for years.

The plot kicks into motion once Maddy breaks up with her cool heartthrob boyfriend and she reconnects with Cole (seemingly out of desperation and pity). They hatch a devious plan to assemble a team (a la Suicide Squad) of outcasts to destroy the upcoming prom for everyone in the school, just to take revenge on the select few that bullied them.

What is truly hilarious about this particular film is the depiction of bullying in schools. Usually unpopular kids go completely unnoticed and ignored, but somehow everyone that Cole encounters seems to know him and hate his guts for some reason. Maybe he's hiding a dark secret that makes his bullying justifiable? Regardless of this, it seems counter intuitive that he is this unpopular yet every single person loves making him miserable.

At the end of the film they well and truly F The Prom. Cole pantses himself, declares his actions were okay because they didn't shoot up the school or commit suicide. Yes. That actually happens.

The attempts in this film to come off edgy and subversive end up feeling just utterly surreal, completely out of touch with teenage problems and strangely amusing.

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