10 Best Horror Films To Watch On Netflix This Halloween

Scares on demand.

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Horror films take on a whole new persona during Halloween; it may seem illogical - Michael Myers is scary whatever the time of year, right? - but if you turn down the lights around October 31st, the likes of Halloween, Friday The 13th, Trick 'r Treat or whatever else usually gives you the willies just seem scarier.

While in the past we would have tottered down to our local video store to get our Halloween fix, snagging the last copy of Ghoulies II, The Leprechaun or anything else that was left on the shelves, the advent of on demand has left us spoilt for choice and online movie services are now commonplace in our lives

Grabbing this notion by it's goat-like horns, we're taking a look at the fright fests that have been laid on by Netflix this year - you won't be disappointed. While most providers have a decent selection of movies within the horror genre to enjoy, Netflix have created their own seasonal playlist of creepy hits.

From straight up slashers, monster movies, haunted house tales, studio-lead pictures with plenty of creepy clout all the way to vehicles ridden by cinema’s most iconic Boogeymen, there's enough movies hear to have you screaming way into November.

So, dim the lights, rip open the Candy Corn and let this list be your one stop guide on how you're going to scare yourself silly this All Hallows’ Eve.

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