10 Best Horror Films To Watch On Netflix This Halloween

10. Child's Play

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The Film:

Behind Annabelle's glassy eyes, there is a little girl skipping around a meadow, thanking a certain red-haired doll for blazing a bloody trail for her on the big screen. That doll was Chucky and his calling card was this slowly unravelling tale of boy meets doll, the benchmark for all future creepy doll movies to follow.

Working from a story by Don Mancini - who has gone on to be the puppet master behind all recent Child's Play movies - director Tom Holland takes his time unveiling his, erm, big bad, fashioning a tale that has you fall into a state of unease as Chi-town child, Andy, starts to exhibit odd behaviour after receiving a Good Guy Doll.

Soon enough, and thanks to some commendable animatronics, Chucky in all his cackling glory is causing havoc, gore and jump scares in equal measure. A great franchise starter.

Big Scare:

One word: batteries. Catherine Hicks's single mom makes an eerie discovery when a couple of Power D's fall out of Chucky's box, prompting her to have a poke around in the doll's plastic bits, spawning the scariest 180-degree head turn since The Exorcist.

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