10 Best Horror Movie Villains Who Only Appeared Once

2. The Wraith - It Follows

Dimension Films

It Follows has one of those simple but perfect horror concepts, where a teenager named Jay is passed a sexually transmitted curse, meaning she’s constantly followed by a demon who can take the shape of anyone.

The film milks this concept for all it’s worth, leading to some terrifically tense setpieces. No matter the form "It" takes – be it an old lady or Jay’s late father - The Wraith always has the same blank, dead-eyed expression. Combined with its slow, steady pursuit and it’s total lack of backstory, this makes the creature massively unsettling.

Despite being something of a hit the studio behind It Follows hasn’t mounted a sequel yet, and hopefully, they’ll avoid the temptation since it really doesn’t need one. Anymore explanation or mythology would destroy the mystique.

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