10 Best Movie Trilogies Ever Made

10. The Evil Dead Trilogy

New Line Cinema

Back when Sam Raimi launched what would prove to be a hugely impressive career with low-budget horror flick The Evil Dead in 1981, he could never have imagined its impact and ongoing legacy. The original 'Cabin In The Woods' gave rise to video games, comic books, a soft reboot and most recently its very own TV series, which debuted successfully last year and has been picked up for a second season.

It's a remarkable story given how Raimi, Bruce Campbell and producer Rob Tapert started out. Despite minimal filmmaking experience, they nonetheless set about concocting and drumming up finance for a feature-length horror. The Evil Dead became a sleeper hit, garnering critical praise for its gripping, gory content and leading to a sequel six years later.

Evil Dead II – many a fan's pick as the best of the bunch – amped up the comedy and kept the carnage, and the surreal silliness stepped up another gear with Army of Darkness in 1992, with anti-hero Ash transported to the Middle Ages to again wage war with the Deadites.

The Evil Dead trilogy wasn't conceived as such, and every now and then rumours surface of a fourth instalment. The fans wouldn't say no, but the original three films remain the perfect blend of horror, comedy and boomstick.

Altogether now: "Klaatu Barada…"


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