10 Best Movie Trilogies Ever Made

Movie threesomes you just can't refuse. 

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With a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a current 8.4 score on IMDb and a box office cume that’s now eased past the billion-dollar mark, Captain America: Civil War is already being hailed as one of the superhero genre's best offerings.

The First Avenger's unashamedly pulpy, old-fashioned approach wasn't for everyone but The Winter Soldier follow-up was a universally lauded triumph, and plenty of people will tell you Civil War is even better.

Which rather begs the question: is it too early to cite the Captain America films as one of cinema's best trilogies? And how ridiculous would that have sounded just five short years ago?

Perhaps there will be a fourth solo(ish) outing for Steve Rogers. Hopefully not.

Several franchises – Indiana Jones, Toy Story, the Jason Bourne films – have effectively removed themselves from this conversation with planned or completed fourth instalments when two sequels often prove one too many. After two outstanding movies, the Alien franchise has been forever tainted by the films that followed, likewise Terminator. Die Hard prompted a couple of good sequels among a couple that were average at best.

Fortunately, some film series know when to quit before the inevitable diminishing returns kick in, and occasionally even bring a compelling saga to an apt, satisfying conclusion.

Here are 10 trilogies that, by design or happenstance, got out while the going was great.


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