10 Completely Original Movies To Look Out For In 2019

It's not all sequels and reboots.


While existing properties like Marvel, Star Wars, the Wizarding World and DC are usually the ones that draw the most attention, some of the best and most influential movies from the last ten years have been wholly original ideas.

Inception, Cloverfield, Get Out, Avatar, Gravity, Interstellar - to name but a few - have all proven that audiences value fresh concepts, as long as they're executed competently. No matter how weird or risky the idea might seem, great original movies can succeed, and as a bonus for us viewers, we get to experience something a little different or outside the box.

On that front, 2019 is primed to deliver in a big way, with directors like Jordan Peele, Ang Lee and even Michael Bay focusing their creative juices on original projects. We've got dramas, thrillers, comedies and action movies to look forward to, all of which promise to introduce us to new characters, transport us to new worlds, or challenge us with complex original stories.

Avengers 4 will surely be amazing and The Lion King looks gorgeous, but sequels and remakes aren't the only reasons to be hyped for the upcoming year of film.

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