10 Deeply Disturbing Disney And Pixar Fan Fictions

Your childhood is about to be destroyed.


By now everybody is probably aware of fan fiction’s most famous export 50 Shades of Grey which started out life as a Twilight fan fiction before somehow getting published and becoming the soft porn du jour of bored housewives the world over.

But if you thought E. L. James’ spank-fest was racy, you really haven’t read much fan fiction, a lot of which quite frankly makes 50 Shades of Grey seem like a Disney movie. Which is ironic really, because Disney fan fictions are exactly what we’ll be delving into here.

Yes, Disney. Even the purest of topics, the stuff your childhood dreams were made of, aren’t safe from the corrupting influence of fan fiction. Given their innocence and happily ever after endings, you might assume Disney would be immune. But you’d be wrong.

There’s a smorgasbord of smutty Disney retellings out there on the internet ready to wreck any semblance of childhood innocence you may have left. To be fair not ALL of them are smutty – some are weird in entirely different ways – but the vast majority are indeed quite smutty.

A lot of NSFW, possibly NSFL stuff is about to come your way including but by no means limited to eightsomes, beheadings and sex scenes of a mechanical nature. You have been warned.

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