10 Deeply Disturbing Disney And Pixar Fan Fictions

9. The Not-So-Little-Mermaid

Beauty And The Beast NSFW

A retelling of the end of The Little Mermaid film that places Ariel rather than Prince Eric as the hero of the story, The Not-So-Little Mermaid is actually quite a pure fan fiction compared to some of the smut out there and more empowering, kind of.

The story begins just as Prince Eric is about to marry Ursula disguised as Vanessa. As in the film, Ariel interrupts the proceedings but is kidnapped by Ursula who demands Triton gives up his magical trident in exchange for his daughter.

Ursula kicks off, but then Ariel luckily finds a patch of sea spinach and chows down on a bunch which makes her ridiculously strong and ripped à la Popeye after which she uppercuts Ursula into kingdom come.

Luckily it turns out Prince Eric is secretly into muscle worship and loves Ariel’s ripped physique and rather than condemning her to eternity as a landlubber, King Triton finds he’s able to transform her between mermaid and human form whenever she wants. Pretty much a win-win all round.

Choice Quote: “Her lower fish half becomes very muscular and her upper body swells with massive muscles. Her seashell bikini instantly snaps from her hulking frame, leaving her topless and fuller in the breast department than ever. But she doesn’t seem to notice, much less care.”

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