10 Deleted Scenes That Would Have Improved Movies

Moments that would have made everything better...


It has often been said that when making a film you actually write the movie three times; in the script, on the set, and in the editing bay. The editing of a film is no easy task and consists of combing through hundreds of hours of footage to find the best rendition of each few seconds of screen time and then carefully sewing them all together. And then hopefully, once it is all said and done, it isn't garbage.

During that process, crucial decisions are made every moment as to what footage does and does not go into the film. Sometimes this results in entire moments or sequences from the film being cut for one reason or another. Perhaps the filmmaker didn't feel they needed it, perhaps it ruined the pacing, or perhaps it was a mandated studio cut that absolutely ruined the film, who knows?

In the fervor of editing, a simple momentary lapse of judgment can lead to some of the best work being left on the cutting room floor. If these scenes had been left in, they would have added a lot...


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