10 Famous Directors You Didn't Know Had Really Weird Fetishes

1. Mel Gibson Gets His Kicks From Women's Shoes

Mel Gibson is considered to be something of a joke now - and not even of the funny kind. Once considered to be one of Hollywood's biggest directors, Gibson's fall from grace has been painful to watch. Stumbling upon his alleged fetish with shoes, then, doesn't seem quite so crazy compared to all those racist and abusive rants, but still... it's pretty weird. The story goes that Gibson - all the way back in 1990, mind you - revealed his fetish to a room full of people in a seriously creepy way. Whilst staying at the Red Lion Inn, in Modesto, California, Gibson ended up on a date with two waitresses and apparently wound up telling one of them: "Darling, I really love your shoes," before adding: "No, you don€™t understand. I really love your shoes. I have what you would call a foot fetish.€ The next bit is the weirdest part, so don't read on if you're prone to nausea. At this point, Gibson apparently got down on his knees, removed the woman's shoe, sniffed it and said: "Ah, the scent of it." You'd expect it of Mel these days, of course, but in 1990? Geesh. Like this article? What do you make of the aforementioned directors and their weird fetishes? Let us know all your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.
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