10 Foreign Language Horror Films Hollywood Doesn't Have The Balls To Remake

10. Dumplings (2004)


Language: Chinese

Dumplings was actually adapted from a short film that Chinese director Fruit Chan made as part of a collaboration with South Korea's Park Chan-Wook and Japan's Takashi Miike entitled Three... Extremes. Park's film Cut involves a film director being tortured by a sadistic extra, and Miike chose to base his short on a pair of conjoined circus workers, though Chan's film outshone the two better-known directors with its bizarre concept.

The film follows an ageing soap actress named Qing as she attempts to rekindle her relationship with her distant husband, whom she knows has taken a younger mistress behind her back. In an attempt to recapture her lost youth, Qing visits a backstreet merchant who claims to have a remedy - her special dumplings.

Qing soon discovers that the special dumplings are in fact made from aborted fetuses, though in her desperation she eats them anyway. With her glow returned and her libido increased beyond measure, Qing gets what she wants from her husband, though when her dumpling dealer is arrested and she falls pregnant, she has to choose between giving birth and using her own unborn fetus to make more dumplings.

This is where Hollywood would say no thanks. Qing opts for the latter, ingesting her unborn child in a truly unsettling finale. Chan's queasy but brilliant take on vanity and the lengths it drives us to is no easy watch (especially if you're eating and/or pregnant) and falls well beyond what Hollywood considers extreme.

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