10 Foreign Language Horror Films Hollywood Doesn't Have The Balls To Remake

Depraved violence and general debauchery? We'll pass.

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Earlier this year, US horror juggernaut Blumhouse Productions brought us an English language remake of Pascal Laugier's 2008 film Martyrs. A new-era French horror that was immediately considered a benchmark against which all extreme genre movies ought to be measured.

Critically, Martyrs was divisive, though those opposed to it were so chiefly on the grounds of decency rather than the quality of the film, which has predictably been the case with the reboot.

The English version of the film currently holds an embarrassing 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, joining a long list of Hollywood remakes of foreign horrors that have resoundingly failed to live up to the original in both execution and ambition. The film made the same mistake many have made before it, watering down the violence and taking away the element of endurance that made the ending in the original seem earned rather than shocking for the sake of it.

That, in a nutshell, is Hollywood's problem when it comes to trying to imitate the best examples of Euro-gore, J-horror and anything that western audiences on the whole would find too much - the will is there, but they are afraid to take it all the way. The result is often a half-cooked effort that cuts corners and softens blows, losing the impact that made the original worth copying in the first place.

For studios who are constantly afraid of straying outside of the established guidelines, the following films are absolutely terrifying, containing enough ultra-violence and depravity to give Hollywood nightmares for weeks.

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