10 Incredibly Entertaining Movie Bank Robberies

the dark knight

Banks can be pretty dull places, let's be honest. I can remember standing a line with my mum or dad as a kid, whining at how bored I was with the whole sorry procedure. The queues were long, there were no toys to play with and we seemed to be in there forever.

It doesn't get much better when you're all grown up. I'm 25 now and still loathe going; the lines are still long and now other people's kids annoy me. Of course they are carbon copies of me at that age, but now I'm old enough to understand what a little tosser I was being.

With this in mind you'd think any time a movie character went into a bank they would suffer the same mind-numbing tedium as we all do, but boy is that ever not the case. Banks in movie-world are completely different because they only seem to be featured at all so that somebody can rob them. Some of the most exciting scenes in all of cinema involve daring bank robberies, whether it's due to the convoluted methods, the sheer brutality of the scene or the character-drive conflictions.

Sometimes I wish something that exciting would happen in my local branch, but then I watch a movie like the ones in this list and am rather glad it doesn't. Still, some toys would be nice though...


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