10 Interstellar Theories That Are Totally Insane

Nolan's apparently a Pixar fan...

Christopher Nolan films and insane theories go together like chocolate and peanut butter. It€™s relatively decadent, and if you gorge yourself on it you€™ll probably start to feel a bit queasy and regret it, but they€™re fun and nigh-impossible to keep apart. There are people still cooking up different readings of Memento€™s fractured murder mystery, Inception€™s spinning top remains a source of ire for many a film nerd, and let€™s not even get started on the version of The Dark Knight Rises where Batman is the villain. With Interstellar the visionary director seems to almost be asking for crazy fan theories. Just flat-out inviting them, with all of its theoretical science leaving enough room for interpretation by armchair physicists and people who've watched too much Star Trek alike, that semi-cliffhanger ending giving plenty of room for imaginations to go firing off in all sorts of directions. The film only saw official, widespread release this past weekend, and yet there are already reams of these ideas out there, each less sensible than the last. Here are ten insane theories people already have about Interstellar.
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