10 Legitimate Criticisms Of The Dark Knight Rises

OK, before I go any further and you all dive to the comments to scream bandwagon jumping, I want to…

Alex Leadbeater

Film Editor


OK, before I go any further and you all dive to the comments to scream bandwagon jumping, I want to make one thing clear. I loved The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve previously shown my adoration of Christopher Nolan and his Bat-trilogy, so take the following as a loving fan jibe rather than rabid hater destruction.

Now that’s out of the way, we can actually begin. While The Dark Knight Rises is solid, five star gold, like any film it has some imperfections that can be uncovered if you probe deep enough. And people did. Except many of the film’s detractors focused on minor, in many cases superfluous weaknesses.

How did Bruce get back to Gotham? We know from Batman Begins he’s pretty good walking on ice and being invisible in the dark, so the river at night seems a good option. How did Blake recognise Bruce Wayne was Batman from his face? He says it in the movie; the orphans already joked Wayne was Batman and when he saw the whole playboy persona was an act he figured it out. Why was Bane impossible to understand? He wasn’t; get some better speakers.

Simple answers that come from within the films (and the one’s I’ve not mentioned can normally be solved simply by HE’S FRIGGING BATMAN). But there are some problems with The Dark Knight Rises, it’s just the detractors seemed too preoccupied with ones that weren’t really there. So to beat the haters at their own game, here ten fair criticisms of The Dark Knight Rises.


Honourable Mention – It’s Heist, Not Hiest


If you sit at a computer and absent mindedly type heist you automatically do it right. Like weird it breaks a key rule of English grammar but in our minds it works. Although clearly not for one unlucky production designer, who clearly saw his handiwork on a fake newspaper and instinctively hummed to himself, “i before e, except after c”. And thus you get the above error. Small, easy to miss and nowhere near as bad as some other great movie typos, it’s crazy how this stayed in.