Inspiration can come in many forms; music, feats of accomplishment, a piece of artwork, a stirring speech, or simply a good deed from a fellow human being. These influences can affect people in different ways and to varying degrees, some being more moved by sounds and others by what they see.

If the recent Olympic games have taught us anything, it is that to inspire and to be inspired are two of the most important things in life;  inspirational words and actions are often the chief motivator to act in a positive manner, to better oneself or to go the extra mile and do something you would never usually do.

Films are to many people one of the most prominent forms of inspiration, there is nothing like being completely immersed in something, giving yourself up entirely for a couple of hours and at the other end leaving with a feeling of inspiration, a new found sense of hope and determination to do something different; be it something special and life changing like pursuing your dreams or something as simple as ensuring to do at least one good deed a day.

How inspirational something is is massively subjective, one person may watch something and feel nothing whilst another could be completely moved, that is the beauty of the world of film. With that in mind, I take a look at 10 of my most inspirational film scenes.

10. Spartacus- I’m Spartacus!

There’s nothing quite like a display of unified solidarity in the name of defiance, even more so when that defiance could ultimately result in death. This famous scene from Spartacus is arguably one of the most inspirational of all displays of unity in the face of an enemy and certain death.

Despite being soundly beaten by the Roman army, unity is maintained with a fierce and noble reluctance to sacrifice the titular character. The scene which has parodied so many times really speaks volumes about standing together in the face of adversity, making us believe that we would have the courage to stand and say “I’M SPARTACUS!” with the rest rather than being the guy at the back who says “Right, you’ve got him, I’ll be off then shall I?”

The icing on the cake in this scene is the single tear that rolls down the face of Kirk Douglas, so simple, so powerful, so moving. A classic inspirational scene if there ever was one.

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This article was first posted on August 14, 2012