10 Most Rewatchable Films This Decade (So Far)

10. Deadpool


If Deadpool proved anything it's that giving a comic book movie an R rating isn't as big a risk as you might think. From a budget of just under $60 million it went on to rake in a whopping $783 million at the box office, spawning an equally successful sequel and establishing an unexpected hit franchise to the long list of comic book adaptations.

It's not hard to see why Deadpool garnered such a huge number of fans - breaking away from the family friendly formula usually applied to comic book movies, it ramped up the dark jokes, foul language and over the top violence to 11, delivering in the Deadpool character the anti-hero everyone had been waiting for. No small amount of credit is due to Ryan Reynolds, who seems to have been itching to play the role for his entire career.

With its barrage of jokes, visual gags and self-aware comic book references, Deadpool guaranteed a highly rewatchable experience for fans of the genre. The frenetic pace and gag-a-minute script ensured that everyone else was happy to get in on the action more than once. Deadpool is a perfect beer and snacks movie for a Saturday night in.


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