10 Movie Characters That Probably Went To Prison After The Credits

When Mila Kunis, in Friends With Benefits,¬†asked what ever happened after the big-kiss in the movies, it got me thinking…

Toby McShane



When Mila Kunis, in Friends With Benefits, asked what ever happened after the big-kiss in the movies, it got me thinking Рwhat does actually happen?

I mean, let’s be honest, it’s not very often these days that we’re not treated to a delicately wrapped little parcel-film, where everything gets wrapped up nicely, arcs come in full circles and we get that happy Hollywood ending that the movie industry thinks we so desperately need. Surely this can’t always be the case? Life must go on. And as such, I came to the conclusion that some characters would simply have not made it out the front door before being arrested and thrown in the deepest, darkest cells of a high-security prison.

I’ve brought together 10 of the most likely of these candidates – characters who’s actions may have given themselves a one-way ticket to the chair or at very least, a few years in the slammer. Some are big, the center-stagers that ride off into the sunset with the attractive girl, only to find themselves getting read their rights, pressed face down into the bonnet of a police car when the strong arm of the law finally catches up with them. Others are more backseat, the one’s you may have thought slipped through the net and lived on harmlessly into the sequel that never was.

All have one thing in common – they’ve done illegal things in their time, and if Hollywood has taught us one thing, illegality must always be punished.

Suffice to say, there will be spoilers ahead.