10 Movie Powers That Would't Be As Cool As You Think

9. Making A Cyber Genie - Weird Science

Weird Science

Power: Creating a hot genie from your computer. Why it would suck: On the surface, this seems great. You get some lady's underwear, wait for one of those awesome, magic, movie lightning storms, and then-BOOM!-instant hot genie to grant your every wish... except she doesn't. She just does whatever she wants without explaining her actions ever. Sometimes it works in your favor. Sometimes it doesn't. Also she doesn't have to sleep with you. So, you created this super hot, all powerful being and in return for that you get... teased. I mean, honestly, it's wonderful that Kelly LeBrock turned Bill Paxton into a blob at the end of the movie to coerce him into treating his younger brother with more respect. However, she also leaves immediately after that. So, who's going to stick around to make sure Paxton sticks to his word? I'm just saying, there's no sense in making a genie that doesn't listen to you and there's really no sense in making a genie that doesn't listen to you and is also really hot. It's like falling in love with a Kryptonian stripper.


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