10 Movie Reboots You Didn’t Know Are Coming In 2018

1. Day Of The Dead: Bloodline

Millennium Films

Zombie master George A Romero may have left this mortal coil last year, but the world of reanimated corpses he created is about to be revisited in the forthcoming remake Day of the Dead: Bloodline.

Bloodline is touted as a reimagining of Romero's 1985 classic Day of the Dead, the third entry in the original series, and it will retain the movie's military base setting.

If the latest red band trailer is anything to go by, Bloodline will live up to its name with buckets of gore and brain-hungry zombies throughout, but whether it will live up to the Romero original is another matter entirely.

Starring relative newcomers Sophie Skelton, Johnathon Schaech, Jeff Gum and Marcus Vanco, Day of the Dead: Bloodline will stagger onto on-demand platforms later this month.

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