Remakes get an awful lot of bad buzz, primarily because their appearance in conversation is oft’ followed with claims that Hollywood is out of ideas (even though the first remake actually appeared in 1904). But there’s no denying that some films are just ripe to be remade, so I’ve grabbed ten movies from the decade of the 90s that are just bursting with opportunity to find a new home. Keep an open mind and you should get along just fine. Now, get to reading!

10. The Mask

Considering that The Mask is a property that is laden with special effects that haven’t exactly stood up over the past few years, it’s the perfect vehicle for a remake. It’s marketable, fun, and full of potential to be a summer smash hit, all the while being a film that can be set apart from everything else being released. While die-hard Carrey fans will likely protest (as it was a huge film for Carrey…and an enormous year), it’s certainly not a role that is limited to his type. There’s lots to do with Stanley Ipkiss and that zany, cartoony world, and filmmakers would be foolish not to revisit it.

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Topher Grace or Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role, with Amber Heard taking over Ms. Diaz’s part, and Jon Favreau directing.

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This article was first posted on October 18, 2012