10 Reasons The Hunger Games Isn’t A Rip-Off Of Battle Royale

8. Timeframe

2the hunger games Just as the pacing of The Hunger Games is slower, so is the timeframe within each story. Battle Royale€™s rules establish that a winner must be decided upon in three days. There is a sense of tension knowing that in the space of only a few days, so many characters must die. In screenwriting jargon, this is the film€™s €ticking clock€. The Hunger Games has no such €œticking clock€ or tension, because of the game€™s seemingly stretching out as long as need be. The film feels like a long-distance marathon rather than a heart-pounding sprint. At one point, its lead character passes out for €œa couple of days€ because she is stung by a wasp. Essentially, she takes a nap for the length of the entire Battle Royale. Perhaps she was just bored of her own movie. Despite focusing on many more characters, Battle Royale is a shorter film than The Hunger Games that feels shorter still because of its pacing and timeframe. Another point to Battle Royale.

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