10 Reasons The Hunger Games Isn’t A Rip-Off Of Battle Royale

9. Pacing

battleroyale 5 minutes into Battle Royale, the children have been captured and 10 minutes is spent establishing the rules of the game and the characters. The actual €œbattle€ in Battle Royale begins less than 15 minutes into the film. By comparison, 15 minutes into The Hunger Games, the children are only just being captured and 45 minutes is spent establishing their characters and the rules of the game. the-hunger-games2 The actual €œgames€ (by the way, shouldn€™t that be €œgame€? It€™s one event) in The Hunger Games take over an hour to begin. This hour lacks any sense of tension because we have not been given enough information about €œthe games€, and as such, no reason to anticipate or dread them. For getting to the point, another point to Battle Royale.

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