10 Reasons Why Looper is Best Film of 2012

For me, Looper was one of those films that had me by the stones from the second I saw the trailer. I couldn€™t wait to get my bum in a theatre seat for a healthy and much needed fix of sci-fi action. And when the first round of reviews hit, I only grew even more excited; on RottenTomatoes, Looper€™s aggregate review score is 94%, which as you can probably tell, represents a pretty resounding critical success.

So I waited patiently and tried to push Looper out of my mind, but I just couldn€™t seem to. I watched the trailer, re-watched it again, and again, I commented on YouTube, I tweeted about it; in short, I got massively involved in the hype. One thing I always worry about when entering into hype of any sort is that it€™ll create an unrealistic expectation in my mind. That I€™ll expect whatever the hype is admonishing to be so perfect that what I get will actually disappoint, regardless of the standard.

So, with how excited I€™d allowed myself to get for Looper, I was, deep down, worried that I was manufacturing an impossible standard, that it couldn€™t possibly live up to the bar that had been set by a hundred gleaming reviews.

I caught Looper two nights ago, and I can tell you, my expectations weren€™t high enough. Looper blew my mind, it blew it to such a degree that I€™ll probably go again before the theatre run is over. I€™d even go so far as to say that Looper was, for me at least, the best film of 2012 so far. Why? Well, you€™ll just have to read on won€™t you? And don€™t worry if you haven€™t seen it yet, I€™ve been careful to steer clear of spoilers.

So without any more introductory chatter, let€™s get right into the argument shall we?


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