10 Reasons You're Wrong About Avatar

The style IS the substance, OK?


Believe it or not, we're barely a year away from the 10-year anniversary of James Cameron's mammoth epic Avatar hitting cinemas.

Though it scored consistent critical acclaim, won three Oscars and remains the highest-grossing film of all time by a huge margin, in recent years there's been considerable backlash against Avatar as a film that, somehow, isn't as good as we all remember.

And sure, Avatar's far from a perfect film, but what isn't? The tidal wave of hate and derision surrounding the blockbuster in recent years could be readily dismissed as a vocal minority rallying against something simply because it's popular, but that theory feels like a bit of a cop-out.

After all, the oddly passionate disdain for Avatar is well-documented in the general population as much as it is in film enthusiast circles, even if it ultimately feels like many are thinking about the movie - and what it represents - all wrong.

Look no further than the Star Wars prequels to see how much the Internet loves to sneer at a badly-made movie, but Avatar's vitriolic reception is wholly unearned, and here's why...

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