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Red Dawn, Straw Dogs, Total Recall, Evil Dead, Halloween, Carrie, Fright Night. It’s well-known and acknowledged by now that Hollywood has been relying more and more heavily on reboots, remakes and sequels in the last few years. Many see this as a serious dearth of creativity and one of the most disappointing consequences of the studios’ increasingly risk-averse business mentality. This is all basically true. For every one decent to good remake or sequel (Dredd, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) there are five, ten or twenty terrible and misguided ones.

Assuming that this trend doesn’t end any time in the near future, we can expect to start seeing more contemporary movies being remade over the coming decades. Which movies will get this treatment next? There’s no way to know, but here are ten that could very easily become victims over a long enough timeline.


10. Fight Club

FIght Club

Out of all the late ’90s movies that are just too young to get remade, Fight Club is probably one of the first that will pop up down the line as it nears its 25th or 30th birthday. With the perfect blend of too-cool cynicism and one of the best plot twists in the history of fiction, it will be more than a challenge to keep anyone away from this one down the line.

While not terribly successful upon its first release, Fight Club has grown to be one of the most ubiquitous cult movies in almost every social group. It has become so popular that one could argue that it has ceased to even be a cult movie. Regardless of semantics, this is a movie that has been built up to an almost legendary status for people in our generation and any future executives looking to make some quick money off of an iconic and culturally significant story could do worse than to start here.

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This article was first posted on January 15, 2013