10 Spider-Man Villains (And Combinations) Deserving Of The Big Screen

3. The Chameleon and Kraven the Hunter

From the time Hollywood jumped on the Spider-Man bandwagon, I wanted Kraven to be dual-billed with the Lizard. Think of how perfect it could have been €“ Kraven comes to America to hunt the headline-grabbing Lizard. Spider-Man is caught in the middle, having to prevent the Lizard from killing any people at the same time he has to keep Kraven from killing the Lizard. Years ago I worked out this movie idea in my head and I still think it€™d be classic, but since Lizard has already been used there is also something to be said for the Kraven/Chameleon connection. These two have plagued Spider-Man from the beginning. It took years and several different writers for them to evolve into truly capable, dangerous villains, but when the transformation took place, Spider-Man's life changed forever. Spider-Man is no stranger to defeat, but no villain has defeated him so utterly and completely as Kraven the Hunter did in the classic Kraven's Last Hunt story. Blasting him with a tranquilizer at point-blank range and burying him for two weeks, Kraven is the man who could have killed the Spider. After masquerading as Spider-Man for a little while, Kraven killed himself, preventing Spider-Man from getting any kind of satisfaction or revenge. The Hunter€™s death left his half-brother, the amorphous Chameleon, half-insane. Since then, Chameleon has exacted brutal vengeance on Spider-Man, from convincing him his parents were still alive and then taking them away again to locking up Peter Parker in a mental institution and convincing him he was someone else. Through this action, he also learned his secret identity and plagued both Mary Jane and Aunt May (who defeated him with an arsenic-laced cookie). The combination of Chameleon€™s mind games and Kraven€™s flashy battle scenes would make for a Spider-Man blockbuster. Plus, with CGI as far advanced as it is, Kraven's army of animal assistants are just begging to be put on the big screen.

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