10 Storyline Ideas For A Boba Fett Spin Off Film

Lets have some fun and speculate what we might see on screen...

Brent DiNunzio




The Star Wars Galaxy is full of character icons with the most notable arguably being that of Darth Vader. Up to this point, the first two trilogies are a story about the rise, fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. There is no villain more iconic than that of Darth Vader. The original trilogy made him a mystery where the prequel trilogy shed light on the man that was in the suit.

Much like Darth Vader but on a much smaller scale, there was another man that was introduced to the audience as a mystery. That man was Boba Fett. Boba Fett was originally introduced as a bounty hunter in Empire Strikes Back. Nothing more, nothing less. As Darth Vader is laying out the bounty out for the Millennium Falcon, he stops at this armor-clad individual and warns of no disintegrations! What does that mean? Clearly this bounty hunter with the T shaped helmet has some sort of a reputation, right?

Boba Fett saw such limited screen time in the original trilogy, yet it is amazing the sort of a cult following he was able to establish. How disappointing it was to see him fall into the belly of the Sarlacc in such a weak way! Fans were hooked to this mystery bounty hunter and George Lucas did the fans a “favor” by bringing Boba Fett back in the prequel trilogy to explain his origin. That being the case, sometimes more is not always better and much like seeing Darth Vader as a little boy, the same can be said in regards to Boba Fett. In can be argued that what made Boba Fett great was his mystery. However once that veil was pulled back, some of the magic was lost. Too much is not always a good thing.

With it being rumored that Boba Fett will be getting a spin-off film, fans will be getting even more of him. Since the release of the prequel trilogy and the further development and understanding of who Boba Fett is, the Expanded Universe has boomed and taken the character even further. Where will a spin-off Boba Fett film take fans? Will it be an original tale of how this man became the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy or could it be about his legendary hunt for Han Solo that culminated in the conclusion of Empire Strikes Back?

Lets have some fun and speculate what we might see on screen…