10 Strangest Oscar Nominations Of The Past 15 Years

4. Robert Downey Jr. For Tropic Thunder - Best Supporting Actor (2009 Oscars)

Downey-Junior-Tropic-Thunder I€™m not going to try and say the RDJ isn€™t phenomenal in this film. Comedies are so often overlooked so I love when comedians get nominations (Hello Melissa McCarthy!) This was truly Downey Jr€™s comeback year with the smash hit Iron Man and of course as the hilarious Kirk Lazarus in the mock blockbuster Tropic Thunder. It€™s just interesting to me that he was nominated for such an outlandish character. (I mean if you€™re going with comedy this year, Brendan Gleeson in €œIn Bruges€ is fantastic). Here are my two theories for why he was nominated: 1) They make a joke about it in the actual movie Tropic Thunder, and so to uphold this hilarious goof the academy gave a nod to ol€™ RDJ to keep the jest alive, knowing full well that he would never win. Hugh Jackman even made the joke at the ceremony, calling Downey Jr. €œan American, playing an Australian, playing and African-American€ nominated.€ 2) Heath Ledger won that year. So there was no way that any of the other candidates would be even considered for the award. Not to discredit the work of the other actors in the category but Ledger€™s Joker blew the whole group out of the water. It is nice to see comic performances rewarded, I believe it€™s way harder to make some laugh than cry.. and though Tropic Thunder is not the best picture of the year RDJ€™s performance was stellar. It was just a strange choice by The Academy.

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