10 Thoughts Every Guy Had While Watching Fifty Shades Darker

"Isn't this supposed to be sexy?"

Universal Pictures

Two down, one to go.

A lot of men probably felt that way after Fifty Shades Darker ended, its dull, lifeless storytelling and unintentionally hilarious dialogue proving just as weird a combination as they did with the first movie back in 2015.

Not that anybody expected a cinematic marvel this time around, but with a director known for House of Cards and and a talented cast including Kim Basinger and Marcia Gay Harden, it's hard to comprehend exactly how it turned out as poorly as it did.

And inevitably, as is the case with any unengaging movie, your mind will start to wander. Tiny, pointless details will pique your interest and your thoughts will drift, scrambling for any shred of entertainment they can find.

If, like a lot of men, you were dragged to Fifty Shades Darker by a spouse or significant other, you probably had a similar experience. It's hard to watch a film you aren't really interested in, especially when said film is undeniably lacklustre - and aimed at the opposite sex.

So you can't really be blamed for the series of random thoughts that probably crossed your mind.


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