10 Unbelievable Movie Cameos You Probably Missed

5. Glenn Close €“ Hook

Glenn Close Hook

Long before she manned up for Albert Nobbs, and won herself an Oscar nomination in the process, Glenn Close played a convincing man in a role that most people would never have recognised her in.

Peter Pan-Grown-Up story Hook was already notable for having almost completely transformed Dustin Hoffman for his performance as the titular pirate captain, as well as turning long-legged sex-pot Julia Roberts into an almost asexual pixie-haired Tinkerbell, but it would be Close's transformation into the Boo Box pirate for one notable sequence that stands proudest in those achievements.

Bearded and completely unrecognisable, Close admits to having doubted Hook, and is suitably punished, but not before utterly convincing as the broken, desperate man...


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