Actors are hated for all kinds of reasons. Often, their controversial personal lives infringe on any audience goodwill. Other times, they can become so over-exposed that everyone just kind of gets sick of them. And every actor has given at least one bad performance; some actors, however, give that one bad performance that everyone will see. There are those actors whose great roles are undermined by significantly bad ones, and cinemagoers take note. Actors develop a reputation for all kinds of things and, before they know it, become one of the many performers to lose respect based on poor choices.

The fact is, most of the people in this list endure hate based on their personal lives rather than on their acting abilities. But, taking them on their skills alone, it’s difficult to make a case against any of them. There are many underrated actors working in this industry, but it’s not often that a big star will be applauded for underrated acting abilities. The big stars, not coincidentally, are also the ones that receive the most hate from movie fans. They may receive hate based on their off-screen selves, high-profile bad performances or the fact that they’re generally annoying, but I’m here to argue that these guys deserve a little bit more respect, based on some of their better acting roles.

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This article was first posted on March 10, 2013