10 Underrated Actors Who Don't Deserve The Hate

10. Kristen Stewart

1_new_moon_kristen_stewart When it comes to Twilight, it could be said that hatred is always justified. And cheating on Robert Pattinson for a man without gigantic hair, shark-features or an interminably bland screen presence has not made a ratings winner out of Kristen Stewart. But forgetting Stewart ever made those anti-movies or stuck her tongue down Rupert Sanders' married throat, you have a decent collection of films (made in a relatively short time) to admire, Panic Room, Into the Wild and On the Road included. And all of them feature professional emoting from Stewart more impressive than anything she did in those glittery-vampire movies. For starters, based on the evidence of the criminally underrated Adventureland, Stewart's emotional spectrum includes not just 'moody', but a whole bunch of other expressions Stephenie Meyer fans never knew she had. It's another angsty teenager role, but an infinitely more believable one, and her beautifully awkward chemistry with Jesse Eisenberg stretches beyond a few moody looks into the realm of a credible teen relationship. And though she (and everyone else) is overshadowed by the brilliance of Michael Shannon in The Runaways, there's still more danger in Stewart in that one film than in the entirety of the Twilight saga.
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