10 Wildly Overpraised Movies

10. Godzilla (2014)

Warner Bros.

What The Critics Said: “Orchestrates its thrills with such rare diligence, you want to yelp with glee.” (The Telegraph)

Released to theaters sixteen years after Roland Emmerich’s movie, Godzilla 2014’s remit was simple: make a better movie. Director Gareth Edwards succeeded, but in trying to avoid the 1998 film he’s also minimized the humor and dumb fun.

This version does give the Big G his dignity back, though, and he gets more to do this time around than rampaging through a city for two hours. One of the best calls the movie makes is to give him some actual monsters to fight, but after watching Tranformers, The Incredible Hulk, Pacific Rim et al, the thrill of watching a monster smackdown has been somewhat diminished.

If the movie’s ultimately not that satisfying, it’s still a better launchpad for a franchise than Emmerich’s film, and Godzilla’s fight with King Kong has been promised in a future installment so stay tuned.

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